VESA TV Mounts and all about TV mounts installation and standards

If you have just bought a large flat screen TV, the next job is to place the TV in the right place.

Today, TVs on the walls are not so uncommon. But, to put TV on wall, you need the TV mount!

There are different kinds of TV mounts, but which one is right for your TV, how you can use TV mounts on right way? There are many questions about TV mounts.

Many people consider some things about TV wall mount, but the important thing you will need to consider is a standard for TV mounts. VESA TV Standard!

VESA TV standard is a set of standards for the manufacturing of flat screen TVs.

There are a wide range of TV wall mounts on the market, and most manufacturers comply with VESA standard.

So the majority of TV’s are VESA compliant.

VESA TV Wall Mount

There are many types of TV mount that currently fit the VESA standards. If you want to have your TV on the wall you have quite a lot of choices of VESA TV mounts.


Flat Panel TV Wall Mounts

If you want to put your TV on wall there is a few recommendations. You can do this without having to hire a professional. You must ensure that TV is securely fixed to the wall and all cables are installed according to your instructions. Learn how to wall TV mounts.


Plasma TV Installation

You can install your Plasma TV to the highest possible standards, only what is need is a little planning. You must choose right TV mounts for your TV. This includes serious decision about picking a good place for your TV. There are also few things that must be taken into consideration.


I hate cluttered rooms.

I love space.

I love freedom.

I want to put everything on walls.

It looks pretty simple to mount TV, but there are many things about what is important to know before you decide to put your new TV on wall.

Read all our articles about vesa mounting standard and other tips about flat panel TVs.

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