Tips about how to hide TV cables

How to hide TV cables?

After successfully mounting your flat panel TV on a wall or ceiling, all that is left is connecting it to a power source and the rest of you entertainment centre (cable or satellite receivers, game consoles, surround speakers, etc). Off course that will leave you with the tangled web of cables. If you want to remove them from direct eyesight, here are the some of the solutions that could help you achieve that.

You can hide TV cables in wall, or (at least try to) hide TV cables on wall. The first solution is very effective, but to hide TV cables in the wall you have to have hollow walls. If you don’t have hollow walls there are also a several ways to hide TV cables.

How to hide TV cables in wall?

Routing wires inside the wall

This is a most effective way to hide your TV cables, but it can be done only if you have hollow walls. Concrete walls or exterior walls have extra support and it will be extremely hard to run a wire trough them. Before you start any kind of drilling make sure that you obtain a copy of your local building plans and fire code, and make sure that you will not damage any installations that are already inside your walls. Also do not try to run the power cable by yourself, hire a licensed electrician to do that for you. It would be highly advisable to turn of the power into your entire home, just to make sure that no one will get hurt if you damage some electrical cables while drilling.

How to hide TV cables on wall?

Routing Wires outside the wall

If you are not able to route wires trough the wall, there is a several ways to hide or disguise them. The easiest way is to put some obstacle in front of them. Some small shelf, book case or even a plant can do the trick and effectively camouflage them.

You can hide them under the crown molding that you can purchase, or even made them by yourself from a small strips of wood. That kind of molding can be painted to match the color of your walls for maximum camouflage.

And the last way is to use cable management raceways or plastic split tubes that are included with your Wall Mount package. They can be easily attached to your TV wall mount, often made in the color that will match the rest of your TV set and entertainment centre. If they are not bundled with TV wall mount, they can be purchased separately.